Rural Virginia Broadband-Uncapped and Non-Satellite


                                           * Broadband Internet service "without data caps".

                                                > Without data caps means---You won't be getting a high monthly bills because of "high data usage".

                                                > Without data caps means---You won't be slowed down to a crawl because of "high data usage"

                                                            > Without data caps means---You won't be told to use your PC during 2-5 AM to avoid extra charge.

                                           * Broadband Internet service without long latency delays.

                                                > Average latency: less than 30 ms.

                                           * Wireless connection to a tower on the ground, not a satellite in the sky.

                                                > Internet connection that is only several miles away, not several hundred miles away.

                                                > Internet connection that does not stop because of rain or clouds in the sky.

                                           * Equipment installed and maintained by a company that is locally owned and operated.

                                                > GNS is located in Concord, VA. --- Not "somewhere?" overseas.

                                           * A company that is dedicated to serving the Rural population of Virginia.

Please Note:

Our tower's AP signal is strong enough to cover a 15-mile radius, but is limited in different directions because of topology.  Therefore, GNS Broadband conducts an onsite survey prior to any installation to determine the best onsite location with the best signal strength.  Unless there are prohibitive circumstances, the potential subscriber does not need to be present during the onsite survey, since it is done completely outside.  Please use the information located on the "Contact" link to let us know your address and phone #.  And Thank You for taking the time to read our website informatiion and to consider using GNS Broadband for your Internet needs.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.